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AYN Studio is an architectural Consultancy
using the value of ecology, economy and efficiency 
with preservation, health and comfort of people in mind.

AYN is a WBE and MWBE 
certified with experience in all phases 
of the A/E process

AYN is a green consultancy to help you achieve LEED certification.
It sees value in partnership and collaboration 
as an important part of the building process.

AYN can also collaborate as your consultant 
in a phase of construction.​

   Architect Studio 

Some Food for thought:
AYN refers to the concept of the spiritual eye. 
Architecturally to see with a goodly eye that helps a community/client to produces good design.
To this day, ʿayn' in Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic,
and Maltese means "eye".

The Arabic letter ﻉ (called ﻋﻴﻦ ʿayn), it is the eighteenth letter 
of the alphabet and the sixteenth letter of the semitic writing system.
a little design consultancy of Architecture and Art of building with the environment and you in mind